erlin 6-8 October 2005


D&H/I -5Project

8th SEM Prague 2004





Introduction par Luigi Leonori - SMES-EUROPA                                                                           presentation ->

HUMANISME et SANTE MENTALE            par le Prof. Michel Joubert                               presentation ->

Humanism and mental health as the focus of all the seminar.  Criteria for individual and social existence:
Having a place, possibility to make one’s voice heard, to be heard and be recognised.
What means today to have a place in the society? How can this be substituted by silence and violence?


Europa muss den Herausforderungen menschlicher Gesundheit entsprechen  statt den Herausforderungen
der Globalisierung. 
 Gaby Zimmer MP of European Parliament

HEALTH  & SOCIAL CARE IN COMMUNITY:    by  Nat MJ Wright                                    presentation ->

Access for all to rights & services : How can the health system be efficient and take care of the major mental and wider health problems of those who ‘survive’ in permanent precarious conditions, whilst acknowledging their social condition?

DISCUSSION: Community health and social care, by MariFe Bravo                                    presentation ->


PARTICIPATION  :  a)  Users & Survivors of psychiatry express themselves 
by Iris Hölling
  Reflections from an antipsychiatric perspective                                          presentation ->     


IMPACT of NAP/ Inclusion:  from Lisbon 2000 : "...eradicating poverty & exclusion to 2010 ?...
2005   68 million  citizens  in European Union are living  poor or at risk of exclusion.

What about  housing - health - education - job, 'Fundamental  Human Right' in building Europa of citizens ?

Arrigo Zanella,        Président de la T.R. -  Secrétaire générale de "RETIS"                                                           presentation ->

Annette Perdaens,   Observatoire de la santé et du Social de Bruxelles-Capitale (B)                                              presentation ->  
                                               Le PANincl de Belgique et la collaboration de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale.

Helga Burkert          Senatsverwaltung Berlin - Coordinator of NAP Inclusion  City                                        presentation ->  

Anne Worning         Danish Centre for Research on Social Vulnerability)                                                               presentation ->

Hana Janečková     A Czech NAP for Social Inclusion from the NGO´s point of view                                       presentation ->


SYNTHESIS of D&H/II-5PROJECTs : Report & evaluation of "Dignity and Health:
we observed;  we exchanged;  we evaluated, --> we propose and recommande" 

by   Luigi Leonori  European Coordinator of the D&H/II-5Projects with:                                    presentation->

Mariela Todorova  (BG)                                                                                                                                                            presentation >

Rita Erele  (LV) :                                                                                                                                                                       presentation -> 

Andrejn Czarnocki  (PL)                                                                                                                                                          presentation ->

Marieta Radu  (RO)                                                                                                                                                                  presentation ->

Emmaus & Advocacy (F) :    "USAGERS ET CITOYENS"                                                                                  presentation ->


EMpowerment : regain of dignity – right – place in society

The theme “Empowerment : regain of dignity – right – place in society”    by  Mariela Todorova, (RO)                               abstract -> 

From Empowerment to Social Inclusion  Anse Leroy, Planner (DK)                                                                                             presentation ->  

The Fountain House – Experiences from a user-perspective.    Barbara Kierccz, Danuta Mlynarczyk (PL)                     cf. abstract

What seems impossible is not necessarily impossible in realityPreben Brandt                                                                cf. abstract

Mental Health and Human Rights: From Recovery to Dignity.     Nora Jacobson                                                                   presentation->  

Santé et inclusion sociale : réintroduire la complexité dans l'approche des usages de drogues.                                   presentation ->  
Henri Patrick Ceusters ;  Coauthor:Christelle Versluys

The German Federal Association of users and survivors of psychiatry;  Jurand Daszkowski, and Hannelore Klafki    cf. abstract

Introduction of the ideas of user-control and self-help Thomas Schlingmann, Petra Hartmann, Martina Hävernick.        presentation ->  

Title (?) ARIPI  Monika Simionescu                                                                                                                                                           presentation ->  

Deinstitutionalisation : alternatives to total institutions at social & health level

Psycho-rehabilitation and the therapeutic centres (chantiers).   Alain Mercuel                                                                       cf. abstract

Psychiatric care in Italy, 27 years after the closure of psychiatric hospitals. Vito D'Ansa                                              presentation ->  

ASTIR : Consortium of coop. for inclusion  -  Directions in work placement and projects set up in prisons.  
Loretta Giuntoli e
Simone Gelsumini e Daniele Cipriani.
                                                                                                                            presentation ->  

‘L'Hôpital Social Actif ', or how to exclude the most excluded.  Serge Zombek                                                                       cf. abstract

Beyond the asylum for the alienated and the alienators. Luigi Attenasio                                                                                 presentation ->  

The working model of Caritas Institution in Kielce,  for people soffering of psychical disturbs....  Stanislaw Slowik    cf. abstract

How patients change when their care changes.   par Paolo D'Angeli                                                                                        cf. abstract

It’s Possible to prevent social exclusion among mentally ill?    Bravo Ortiz Maria Fe;  Santos Olmo Ana Belen               presentation ->

NGO FOR MENTHAL HEALTH “CHARITY”  BG   Irina Kirilova                                                                                                presentation ->  

Alternatives to Institutional Care – Community based services in Bulgaria;  George Bogdanov                                   presentation ->  

Participation : involvement of users & family associations in evaluation and control

SPEAK OUT : what's the use for homeless' speech?    David Giannoni                                                                                       cf. abstract

Participation: Making the voices of all citizens heard.  Dearbhal Murphy                                                                                presentation ->  

Changing views: users involvement in psycho-social services Annette K. Lorenz.                                                                                   

Evaluation of psychosocial programs to homeless people in Madrid (Spain). Manuel Muñoz;  Sonia Panadero           presentation ->  

Low threshold centre for the homeless as a door for community mental health resources                                          presentation ->

David Blanco Rosado;  José Antonio Hernández Mondragón                                                                                                                                      

Radio Program “Romper Barreras”  Blanca Moreno, Luis Valero y Gustavo Acinondragón                                                      presentation ->  

Chronicity and outreach : at the street, in the institutions, at home

Outreach for returning life to people living in hard condition of exclusion..   Isabelle Duportal                                       presentation ->  

SAMU en RO                                                                                                                            Isabelle Duportal                                      presentation ->  

Madrid samur social service: perspective of street teams.  Cánovas Andreo, Rubén;                                                           presentation ->

POSTER THEME : …PROYECT PRISEMI, FROM STREET TO HOME    Hernández Mondragón, José Antonio                   presentation ->  

PsyCoT - Co-ordination of care in the home for chronic psychotic patients.. Patrick Janssens                                       presentation ->

Boule-de-neige: HIV and hepatitis - prevention work by peers among drug users.  Hariga F.; Donner I., Saliez V.  presentation ->  

Education of former drug abusers:    Britt Malkiel Nielsen - Kolding Pædagogseminarium                                                      presentation ->  

Outreach and rehabilitation: Madrid Homeless mentally ill program. María Isabel Vázquez Souza, Fr. Recalde        presentation ->  

The growing changes in the Romanian society Catalina Hetel                                                                                                  presentation ->  

Support and intervention cellule at the crossroad between mental health and social exclusion. Jenny Krabbe     cf. abstract

Outreach to do what ?   Aller vers...      Bontemps Planeix , Nadine, St Anne CHS                                                                    presentation ->  

health of immigrants  in a global perspective : physical, psychical, social.

Roms in Europe.    Jean Marc Turine                                                                                                                                                     cf. abstract

Mental health care for those with precarious housing situations: the experience of the Ulysse association in Brussels.   
Pascale De Ridder and  Alain Vanoetereny
                                                                                                                                              cf. abstract

Guaranteeing access to care in a desadvantaged context  (maltraitant). 
Chantal Van Oudenhove; Pierre Ryckmans  

The presentation is shown Bulgarian experience in the contemporary society. Terzieva  Ekaterina                          presentation ->

STATEMENTS and  RECOMMENDATIONS                                                                                                                           presentation ->  



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