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  W E L C O M E  to European Network

  for Homeless  &  Psychical Suffering People

“Everyone has a right to the best
available mental health services within
the health and social welfare systems.”

UN Resolution 46/119,1.1





The extent of poverty and 
social exclusion in Europe
 is unacceptable !

European Council Lisbon 2000

  No DIGNITY without Right

  no RIGHT without ACCESS to
    citizen rights, resources, wellbeing:
    health - house - job - education

  No HEALTH without Mental Health

  no MENTAL HEALTH  without



The European SMES Network began in 1992 in Rome as a result of the 1st European seminar on the appalling neglect and abandoned homeless people living in extremely poor health & social conditions.

The main aim is :

  to improve mental, physical and
    social well-being

  to promote inclusion, citizenship
    & solidarity in European Countries
    for homeless & mentally ill people.




SMES-EUROPA - a.i.s.b.l.

SMES-EUROPA is a non-profit International Association (aisbl) operates at the interface, intersection of mental health & social exclusion for 

  improving mental, physical &
    social well-being

  promoting human right & access to
     - rights,
     - citizenship,
     - participation and solidarity in
    European Countries for people
    living in extreme social and health



 Men & Women home/belonging -

  mentally ill people without
     adequate assistance

  young people at risk of losing
     viable contact with society,

  people addicted to alcohol and
(ex) prisoners,

  elderly people who have been

  refugees & migrants without
     permission of residence's




  Information and heightening of
 awareness for all civic society

  Networking : improving
    opportunities of working together

  Education and training:
permanent &
    continuum,promoting exchanges

  Lobbying and advocacy



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