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Right - Accessibility & quality - Barriers

No Dignity without Citizenship Rights & Health
 No Health without Mental Health


Aim: promoting the DIGNITY & HEALTH: using Europe objectives to increase accessibility and quality of Social and Health Services for the homeless and excluded people in 5 different accessing countries in E.U.

Objective of SP1-Prague: to analyse the "good-adequate-efficient practice" and the legislation (concretely and daily applied !..), and health & social system in order to propose and support divers adequate and efficient instruments for the promotion of equal access to rights, to Health and Social services, and to resources.
For all and especially for more vulnerable, at risk,and excluded people.

*  3-6 November: Exchange/visits on 10 Organisations by two
      members of  SMES Europa.

Friday 7 Nov.: from 9 am until 6 pm
Mini-seminar & workshops for max. 30 participants :
     the 5  Partners, the delegates of Organisations visited (10-15) and other
     invited people, working in this field.

Language: UK & CZ

*  Saturday 8 Nov.: from 9 am until 4 pm  working session
- for all 5 partners and assistants in order
    -  to present and discuss about D&H-5Projects in general and in particular
       of all each Small Project  (SP) and
    -  to involve each Partner with the definition of divers local initiatives and
       implication of local civil society: practicioners on first-line working,
       ex/users & families, politicians & administrators, etc.  
    -  Decision about calendar
- theme and topics for each SP
    -  Open discussion about the Final Seminar on Prague June 2004.
 only UK

Luigi Leonori    SMES-EUROPA      European Co-ordinator
Preben Brandt
  Projeckt Udenfor    SMES-EUROPA Expert

Neil Davies         

Sdružení azylových dumů – S.A.D (CZ).

Barbara Dudzinska   

Barka Foundation for Mutual Help (PL)

Marieta Radu   

Asociaţia Casa Ioana (RO)

Maria Jeliazkova    

NGO Anti-Poverty Information Centre (BG)

Inga Rozenberga     

Association for street children (LV)


Hotel Extol Inn,   Přívstavní 2,   170 00 Praha 7

Nights Reserved:     6th -  7th - 8th November.
For the  4 partners three nights are already reserved:                
4 single rooms – 2*category.  All of these rooms are for Bed with Breakfast .

Please, reserve from now and buy yourself the ticket, apex - in economy class, and we will refund you as soon we will receive the original of Bordkarte/Boarding Pass (in order to confirm your presence) and receipt (in order to confirm the cost)
These are the strictly conditions of Commission in order to refund the cost of ticket. THANKS !

Luigi LEONORI :  SMES-EUROPA   D&H-5P European Coordinator
Place Albert Leemans 3   B - 1050 Brussels   Tel: 0032 2 538 58 87

Neil DAVIES  :      SAD  Prague     D&H-1P Local Coordinator
Tusarova 60, 170 00,   Prague 7, Czech Republic  

Timetable – Friday 7 November 2003


Welcome by the Local Partner and European Coordinator
This will include a presentation of the aim of the project by European Coordinator and the Local Partner will inform the group of the structure of the day.


Individual Introductions By Each Representative Present
Participants will inform the group about :
1.  “who they are”,
2. “what they do”,
3. “which client group they work with”.


Discussion in Pairs about  RIGHT TO HEALTH: accessibility & quality
Each pair spends 5 minutes discussing why they have come and what they hope to learn from the day.

Group Discussion,  Each pair offers one “learning objective” for the day.


Observations from Visits to Local Organisations 
SMES representative gives a brief account of what they have observed during the preceding 4 days. 
15 minutes for discussion




RIGHT to HEALT : accessibility & quality   -  Presentation by Local Expert (CZ)  and “SMES Expert(DK) 
To increase the knowledge of the participants about “EU law and application  - common objectives – appropriate practices”, as it applies to marginalised people, with reference to

§          National System  of Health and Mental Health and the services  

§          DK - NAPs Inc.   National Action Plans on Social Inclusion

§          CZ - JIM               Join Inclusion Memoranda.


Discussion with representatives from other 5 “new EU” sites




Break into 3 or 4 Groups
Each group has a case study of a homeless/marginalised person designed to highlight areas where the law and EU law can be of assistance to workers


Case Discussion
Identification of areas of relevant law/practice. Each group appoints a spokesperson to present the case and the small group’s conclusions to the larger group.


Presentation of Group Discussion
Each group takes 15 minutes to present their case to the whole group, with 5 minutes or so for discussion




Plenary discussion  with SMES and other “New EU” representatives as a resource


Feed back of each participant

Participants complete evaluation sheet and leave with a sigh of relief!


Other Matters:

§          2nd Workshop on Bucharest & suggested topic :
Partner of Romania present the program for 12-13 December Invitation for Local reflection group: inviting local participants to continuing and developing reflection and exchange - with local partner facilitation - in order to constituting a permanent Round Table and network, preparing report and workshop for Final Seminar

§          About Final Seminar suggestions :   Title, Report, poster, stands, video

§          Others :


Closing the session       with the support of
   EU Commission
Région Bruxelles Capitale
COCOF - Communauté FR-B