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Contact persons:
Luigi LEONORI : 

D&H-5P European Coordinator
Tel/fax: +32.2. 538 58 87
mobil: +32.475634710


Right  -  Accessibility & Quality  -  Barriers

"D&H-5P" Aim: promoting the RIGHT & DIGNITY, using Europe objectives to increase accessibility and quality of Social and Health Services for the homeless and excluded people in 5 different accessing countries in E.U.

of "D&H-4P":
1.   To increase the knowledge of the participants about European law & application, common objectives, appropriate practices, with reference to the NAPs Inc. and to JIM.
2.   To analyse on Warsaw the efficient practices and the coherent legislation (concretely and daily applied !..) especially about job services  & social system.
3.   To propose innovative and adequate instruments for
       *   access to Job's RIGHT, adequate and remunerated
*   access to Job SERVICES
for all vulnerable & excluded people and more for people with mental health disturbs.

Reflections & Questions

1.  The job could become factor of exclusion or factor for inclusion.
      BUT what kind of Job ? The
“Job” is a fundamental right of all person !  
      In what way the legislations and local administrative disposition guaranteed the
     divers “alternative” to ""employment" and to labour "market", in order to insure the
      real “dignity” of person who is in disadvantaged and vulnerable conditions ? 
      For ex. : new "SLAVES"  illegal immigrants
2.  The "job" before all:  before charity..., housing..., treatment !...
ny people in order to affirm "self dignity" and find again "health and well being"
      to claim before all the job ! Job not necessarily at place of house & treatment, when
      necessary, but every time with  !...
      What kind of initiative propose "local authorities" - "administrators" - "trade
      Union" -  "Organisation" ?...      
3.   People suffering of “psychical/mental disturb” has – as all people - the right to
      “job” and what kind of "job" ?
       *   Adequate & Correct : in order to respect dignity and health, promoting training.
       *   Remunerated : in order to propose remuneration in justice any alternatives to ...
       *   Participative:  in order to insure support and monitoring a sustainable “home
  In what way the the NAPS & JIM increase the accessibility & quality of Job and
      to Job services for vulnerable & disadvantaged people by preventing, assisting
 and accompanying this vulnerable, marginalised, and excluded people ......
      all the kind of "home-less" or "people on the street" , abused for working, as :
illigal immigrants...
people obliged to beg... 
 What local application, daily practices, pilot projects ?…:  Does these ensure a
      sustainable inclusion and active participation in job management?

      Difficulties, solutions & proposals…

Exchange/visits on Potsdam and Warsaw of divers local Organisations by members of SMES-EUROPA, in order to exchange knowledge, experiences and competences.

*  morning :   synthesis of the four days of visits/exchange

*  afternoon:  from 3 pm, monitoring meeting for the 5 partners of D&H-5P 

*  All the day :     mini-seminar & workshops for max. 30 participants : 
*  Participants:  
25 not more than 30,  the 5  Partners, the delegates of all visited
                               Organisations : +/- 10-15 and other invited people, working in this
                               We insist that the local partner and Organisations inviting people
                               "USERS" of services in co-working for the preparation of our

Language:        UK & PL  

Luigi Leonori     SMES-EUROPA,  European Co-ordinator of D&H-5P - (I)
Preben Brandt Projeckt UDENFOR,  partner of  SMES-EUROPA - (DK)
Neil Davies   Sdružení azylových dumů – S.A.D (CZ).
Barbara Dudzinska Barka Foundation for Mutual Help (PL)
Andrzej Czarnocki Caritas Polska (PL)
Marieta Radu Asociaţia Casa Ioana (RO)
Maria Jeliazkova NGO Anti-Poverty Information Centre (BG)
Rita Eerle Association for street children (LV)
Hotel Ibis Warszawa Centrum   tel.: +48 22 520 30 00   Al. Solidarnosci 165,
2  nights are reserved for you: Friday 26 and Saturday 27 March  single rooms 
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Andrzej Czarnocki   -  Caritas Polska,
01-015 Warszawa, Skwer Kard. Wyszyńskiego 6
tel.  +48 22 827 59 76  fax :  +48 22 827 59 76  //

Barbara Dudzinska  -  Barka
Ul Bydgoska 6/7, 61-123 Poznań, Poland
tel.: 00 48 61 851 66 78    fax : 00 48 61 877 22 65   //

D&H-4P  Seminar Timetable
26-27 March 2004

FRIDAY  26   VENUE  :  Krakowskie Przedmieście 62,  00-322 Warszawa,  
                                office of Andrew,  Fundacja "Pro Caritate",  Tel./fax: +48 22 827 59 76


Welcome of  Local Partner

European Coordinator with the BG partner presents the results "expected" and  "obtained" with the previous D&H-P Seminars :

about local impact & networking groups

about preparation (content – method – invitation) of  1st  -  2nd  -  3rd   local workshops which will be at base of  1st & 2nd workshops in 8th Prague European Seminar in June.


Coffee break  

PREPARATION of the workshop for Prague :   

PLEASE, cf.:

Each of partner in D&H-5P are warmly invite to prepare own workshop and presenting final suggestion.   

For ex. about home topic, we must preparing:
1.   Title and theme that will be deepest reflected 
ex. "home" as right in order to live in dignity and health...)

2.   Three track, at less, of deepen theoretical and practical exchange about the theme
x.: 1.    Home as "alternative" to total institutionalisation  for homeless (shelter)& for
               mentally ill people (asylum)...
       2.    Prevention : what kind of social-house  policy and day practices in order to
               prevent to lost of the home ...
       3.    Monitoring & Advocacy : the first in reason of sustainability "to live in the home "
              and second in order to promote lobby & advocacy with this disadvantaged people)

3.   Any suggestions and recommendation about  any fundamental priorities identified
      on local Seminar .

4.   Any suggestions for call abstracts and dissemination

NB.: If  the workshops will be the "core" of Prague Conference, the success of Conference more
          depend of the preparation of this workshops as Theme - method - organisation.

SATURDAY  27    "Adequate work as a factor of social integration"  


VENUE                         :   Warsaw,  Żytnia 11 Street           
Technical resources
overhead and UK-PL translation

Welcome       by Andrzej Czarnock,  the Local Coordinator (Caritas Polska)
Introduction by Luigi Leonori, European Coordinator (SMES-EUROPA)

Short self-introductions by participants, inform the group about :
   1.  “who they are”,
   2.  “what they do”,
   3.  “which client group they work with”


Joining the European process of social integration  (Joint Inclusion Memorandum, National Action Plan on Social Inclusion, National Strategy on Social Integration) with special regard for the question of accessibility of adequate work as an integration factor for the marginalized groups (representatives of the Ministry of the Economy, Labour and Social Policy)


10:30  Coffee

ROUND TABLE Andrzej Czarnock and Preben Brandt

11.00-11.15   „Preparing the users for joining the Centres for Social Integration ”
                         Rev. S. Słowik, Caritas Kielce

11.15-11.30   „Social employment: what should come next?”
                       T. Sadowski, „Barka” Foundation

11.30-11.45 :  The condition of a marginalized person in the context of human rights and
                        standards of social work, A. Machalica, “Open door” Association

11.45-12.30 :  Questions, discussion


Workshop Session     Andrzej Czarnocki & Serge Zombek

13.30-13.45 : lIlegal immigrants – the new slaves, Laeticia Schul-Martin, MSF-B

13.45-14.00 : Job and occupation for people with psychiatric problems: Berlin projects
                      Barbara Hagmeister, Germany

14.00-14.30 : Questions, discussion

14.30-15.30    Workshop I: “How self-help groups can prevent and overcome social
                       exclusion?”   group animator: E. Bobiatynska

                        Workshop II: „Open and protected labour market”  K. Boguszewska, Warsaw
                         Fountain House

                        Workshop III: open - subject to be decided in the course of preceding
                        Unbinding suggestion: “Catering for differing needs of various marginalized
                        users’groups and at different stages in the development of a marginalized

15:00 Tea/coffee

15.45-16.15   – "Immigrants - new slaves ..." MSF-B
                      –  "Psychic handicap  & job " Berlin Projects                
                      – .  Presentation of the workshops results

16.15-17.00 – Plenary discussion
    -  Presentation of visits results ;
Evaluation & Conclusion of D&H-4P    

With financial support of
                         EU Commission

                       Région Bruxelles Capitale
                       COCOF - Communauté FR-B