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Detention centres for asylum seekers are "intolerable" says
     European Parliament own- initiative
report Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Asylum seekers and refugees have the right to live in dignity, have access to health care and the right to effective recourse against detention according to a European Parliament own initiative report, which highlights "intolerable conditions" in detention centres throughout the EU.

The report by Martine Roure (PES, FR), draws on findings by the Civil Liberties Committee during visits to detention centres for asylum seekers and refugees, and deplores the number of serious problems within Member States, particularly with regard to legal aid and reception conditions.

MEPs of the Civil Liberties Committee visited ten Member States to as certain whether minimum standards for asylum seekers were being applied.

MEPs note on several occasions that the detention conditions in some centres were "intolerable from the point of view of hygiene, overcrowding and the equipment available".

They also found that the people detained were "not systematically informed of the reasons for their detention, of their rights and of the progress in their case".

Asylum seekers and migrants complained systematically about insufficient and inadequate medical care, in particular for pregnant women and victims of torture.

The report also points to the lack of quality interpretation services or legal aid in certain Member States. Access to legal assistance is made even more difficult when people in detention are moved between different reception or administrative detention centres, the report states. The visits revealed that, in some Member States, existing directives were being poorly applied, or were not being applied at all.

MEPs call on the Commission to establish, in cooperation with the European Parliament, a permanent system of visits and inspections. They also hope that the Committee on Civil Liberties can continue its visits so as to ensure full compliance with Community law on reception conditions.

Cf.:    European Parliament Press release

In the absence of far-sighted, courageous and common European and National migration policies - our cities are seeing increasing numbers of migrants, who - having lost any hope -  survives on detention camps or on the streets in situations of extreme poverty, discrimination and exclusion, with dramatic consequences for health and mental health.

This worsening situation has also negative consequences for those who works with migrants, and for local population that lives in permanent contact with them.

The psychological impact of thes camps and of detention / incarceration can be severe for population, professional people and migrants, particularly for the young.

  In Denmark from 2001 to 2006 the rate of  suicide  attempts among inmates was six
    times that
of the Danish population, according to the Danish Asylum Seekers Advice

  Cameroonian suicide in Belgium sparks riots at detention facility

 ITALY, Lampedusa CPT,  1300 in flight   

{B}Cpt Lampedusa: il girone dei disperati{/B}

   Photos deo the protest of migrants /audio - video

     CAPITAL RADIO  AUDIO L  The mayor: "Words premier unacceptable"

  Welcome, deportation, asylum alia The centers of immigration in Italy

  Mass flight from Cpa Immigrants march towards the City Hall

  Lampedusa, turned against Maroni Island locked, alarm ONU

  Lampedusa, evil of desperate The histories of the survivors of the sea

  Banned demonstrations in front of churches Maroni announced directive to prefects

  Lampedusa, a dozen migrant deaths Taken scafisti: threatened to kill baby

  Immigrants, two other maxisbarchi in Sicily A Lampedusa reception center collapse

  Immigration, new tragedy at sea Naufraga boat, missing 26 Tunisians

     Ten thousand illegal
       immigrants in the
       Italian Centers

10 CIE
(max. 60 days
       for identification &
6   CARA (20-35 days
      for asylum seekers),
10 CDA
(centers for
      1st  welcome and
      evaluation of

  GREECE, Samos

the new migrant detention center December 1, 2007

      Obscurity and confinement for migrants in Europe By Caroline Brothers

      On Dec. 1, Samos opened a $3.6 million detention center. It replaced a dilapidated former tobacco factory that
      Giorgos Tsarbopoulos, Athens director for the United Nations refugee agency, said housed migrants in
      conditions that “offend human dignity.”

      The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees counted 100 dead or missing off Samos, Lesbos and
      Chios last year.

      We claim the right to live and work under decent conditions.
   Chania Migrants on Hunger Strik

   SPAIN, Canaries

Internments: CPT and other camps

 The skills that carried them across the sea and over the first hurdles of immigration, they are on the brinK of
     even further challenges, like others among the 31,000 who landed in the Canary Islands last year.

     Those who were not repatriated will be struggling to create new lives in Spain or elsewhere in Europe.

     The lengthening of the permitted detention period is also on the agenda in Spain, where accounts denouncing
      police brutality are recurrent, while associations are refused the  right of access to detention  centres for
      foreigners which they have long been seeking.

     Canarias pide ayuda a las administraciones para acoger a menores inmigrantes.


   MALTA & LAMPEDUSA  debarquement & camps

Cf.:  The conditions of detention:



new slavery ! (photos by LL.)  

    Migrants  in order to support their families are forced to

   submit to all the kinds of pressures and exploitation ,               
   accept all kinds of jobs, even though they may have the training and education for much better ones.

    The exploitation of migrant seasonal workers without work permits is a new form of
      colonialism and slavery.

    Vulnerability: exposure to traumatic conditions in one's own country, coupled with new & local difficulties:
acculturation – integration  …. (in many instances it means: abandonnement  of one's own identity in order
      to be acceptable)
can lead to serious and long-lasting psychological and behavioural problems, including :
depression, anxiety, post -traumatic stress disorder, high risk  - unfortunately not only risk -  of suicide.