Text Box: Project Dignity & Well-being: Exchange to change
2016-1-PT01-KA202-022970  ERASMUS+
2016-1-PT01-KA202-022970  ERASMUS+


Transnational Project Meeting

9th & 10th December 2016, Brussels



Thursday 8th December  

 v From 18:00 – Welcoming participants by SMES-Europa and registration

v 20:00 - Dinner together  


Friday  9th December

Erasmus day (Chair Elias Barreto)



Reviewing the project:

-          Objectives

-          Intellectual outputs

-          Discussion of how achieve a manual of good practices and a training curriculum for professionals working with homeless mentally ill

-          Creating a logotype and an internet site for the project



-          Partners tasks, general and specific

-          How to monitor and evaluate the project

-          Planning of activities

-          Budget-eligible costs


Saturday  10th December

SMES day (Chair Luigi Leonori)


A.    Social Pilar and answer of SMES-Europa to Consultation of Commission

B.     Finalise the XIV Conference on these points:

                    i.            Theme and Topics “Dignity and well-being: together exchanging for change”.   

                 ii.            Method Invitation, Call for abstract, Registration

               iii.            Brochure et documents (profiles)

               iv.            Aim – General Object

                 v.            Specific objectives

               vi.            Results

             vii.            Statement – Proposals – Priorities recommendations

          viii.            Mai: Hearing in EU Parliament

C.    Report of St Mungo’s (2016) Stop the Scandal: the case for action on mental health and rough sleeping

N.B.  Special attention to Young & Migrant situation … (open discussion)



A.    Brainstorming about the future of SMES-Europa in prevision of General Assembly in March and the Action plan for the 3 years 2017-19, concerning the involvement in the 4 pillars (Social + Health + Home + Participation) at the basis of Conference:

                      i.            Renew the Board

                   ii.             Reinforce the Members

                 iii.            Propose two new initiatives


    Dignity and well-being will be the leitmotif for the next three years 
    with  ‘together’  as keywords.



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