Project     ‘Dignity  and  Well-being’     phase 3

Accessibility  &  Quality   -   Congruence  &  Efficiency   -   Sustenability  &  Innovation

SHELTER  Emergency  Services :  towards new perspectives




People exist when their voices are heard and understood

SMES-Europa (1)  currently are preparing the project “Dignity and Well-being through accessibility and services sustainability”  concerning  congruence  between the demand of person in  social and  health needs  and  the answer of  social and health integrate services, quality and  sustainability, facilitating  the  access  of  person in  need to  service  and  the outreaching of workers to marginalized and excluded people.

This project  will be submitted under  Erasmus+ KA2 (2021)  and it’s closer connected  with the  first  and  second phase of the project  Dignity and  Wellbeing  that SMES-Europa has been building since 2014.

  1.      The first phase of D-&-WB (2014-16) focused mainly on the person, who - due to several social and health factors - had to live for long time on the street, in extreme conditions of deprivation, neglect, often due to mental health problems. The profiles of more than 50 people in charge of health and social services were discussed and analyzed by colleagues in three transnational workshops specifically to understand why, despite the various services offered, a certain number of these people  -  seemed  -   preferred to stay on the street rather than accept the solution offered by the services. 

  2.    The second phase of D-&-WB (2017-19), supported  by Erasmus+ program, involving 8 Eu countries: following essentially the same methodology of 1st phase : study visits, transnational workshops and final seminar concerning the four welfare sectors especially in relation with marginalised  and excluded people:  social – health – housing – recovery sectors. (cf.  Manual Good Practice. in  our web page).

  3.    These third phase of D-&-WB (2021-23), aims to focus - through exchanges & study visits, seminars & final Conference - the attention of the Associations and Institution in accessibility, quality, congruence, sustainability of the services response to explicit or implicit demand of the person in a situation of social and health exclusion.

We would like to propose an in-depth assessment of the congruence between PERSON and SERVICE, the dissemination of effective and innovative practices that may or may not correspond to the expressed or unexpressed needs, and even more so to the main objective of inclusion and participation. 

With the support of the Erasmus program, SMES's transnational exchanges project aims through study visits to see and listen, with the workshops and mini seminars  to exchange and evaluate, with the event at the European Parliament to raise awareness, with the 15th European Conference  to propose a laboratory of ideas and practices coherent to explicit and implicit requests  of people in  extreme social and health precariousness.

INITIATIVES of this D-&-WB  Erasmus project:

1)   2021 -  Collecting -  at least 50 European  “Profiles about  ‘EMERGENCY SERVICES’   Practice  and  philosophy. Concerning   ACCESSIBILITY - QUALITY - EFFICIENCY - CONGRUENCE – SUSTAINABILITY  of services provided to people in Social – Health – Housing – Recovering   sectors  and  services. 

2)   2022 -  Attendance at 4 workshops – one in 2021,  fourth in 2022, one in 2023 - in different European countries in order to exchange ideas and proposals that will be collected through a common protocol.
Inter-vision during the workshops and small seminar. . 

3)   2023 - Final synthetic report (as with 50 people profiles)
Final event : opportunity to highlight the congruence between the needs assessed and the services offered.

REGARDING  THE  PARTNERSHIP :  SMES-Europa   would  like to  involve  some European Associations working directly  for people  living in extreme health and social precariousness, in  BE  -  FR  -  IT -  NL - RO -  FI  -  CZ  -  LV  -  LT.   
Two Delegates for each associations partner .

With  support  of Prof  Ides Nicaise  of  KU  Leuven (BE)  

Since the deadline is approaching, we would appreciate to have an answer about your interest on this proposal as soon as possible, sorry for the rushing and looking forward to hearing from you. 


(1) Santé Mentale et Exclusion Sociale  -  Mental Health and Social Exclusion) is a non-profit International Association (aisbl) operates at the interface, intersection of mental health  and  social exclusion for improving mental, physical & social well-being, promoting human right & access to social and health services, to citizenship and participation, to inclusion and solidarity in European Countries for people living in extreme social and health poverty conditions.


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