XIV European SMES CONFERENCE  Lisbon  16 – 17 - 18  March   2017
Dignity  &  Well-being   TOGETHER  Exchange for Change

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Working in this specific sector:   SOCIAL Assistence services:   | A |       HEALTH /MH services                | B |

        HOME – Housing services:      | C |       PARTICIPATION, job services     | D |

                                                                            Please indicate your preference by ticking the relevant box  – Thank you

STUDY VISITS PARTICIPATION      take choice for 1 of these 4 sectors :      1 = 1st  choice;      2 = 2nd  choice

THURSDAY 16/3  14:00 to 18:00     Social  |    |    -    Health  | _ |    -    Home  |    |        Rehabilitation   |    |        

WORKSHOP PARTICIPATION    -     FRIDAY     17 March   -     Six  parallels groups 

  • 11:30-13:00   :  WORKSHOPS MORNING session make your choice  about one of this two general topics:

    A.   ASSISTANCE,  social protection, emergency, fundamental RIGHTS and access to basic services:   |__|

    B.   MENTAL HEALTH  and access to services inside in Institution,  outside  in community  :                 |__|


  • 16:00-17:30   :  WORKSHOPS AFTERNOON session make your choice  about one of this two general topics

    C.    HOME and HOUSING :  belonging and social context                                                                        |__|

    D.    RECAPACITATION  -  ROLES  - JOB   -  participation  :                                                                       |__|

Final deadline  before 25 February  send  this completed registration form  to:

Financial support :  in order to facilitate the participation of any Association which wishes to make its own contribution of experience and knowledge, SMES-Europa could to take in charge a limited number of requests for financial support either for cost of the trip either of accommodation.   Please submit your application as soon.

The total cost of organisation and of document's print and interpreters is supported by local sponsors:
Municipality of Lisbon - Santa Casa Misericordia de Lisbona  - Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa - THANKS