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2013  is the European Year of Citizens, dedicated to the RIGHTS that come with EU CITIZENSHIP. 

  SMES-Europa invites you, in this context,  to take part in the European Forum, which will held in  Rome  on  6-7-8  March in order to debate and to propose about home-less on the streets, who are the most visible and symptomatic form of poverty in European society: LESS of... home,  dignity, right, health, wellbeing, citizenship.

  AIMS,  mutual learning on concepts and on daily practices:   

  • share knowledge of the outcomes, hurdles and solutions which are  derived from daily experience;

  • assess innovative projects;

  • put forward some  person-centred  priorities which are rooted
    in their destitution and existential suffering

When people have lost everything, the street is the only place left where they can survive.

Among  fatalism & utopia, do we yet believe on a possible challenge?

In a desperate situation like this, entrenched rough sleepers do not seem to make any demands - and  sometimes    they refuse everything that is offered. They remain though as a constant challenge, and a troubling sign not only of the economic crisis, but also of the crisis in values which underpin our democracies - values such as social cohesion, a solidarity based on respect of legal rights, and equitable access to resources and services.


 SHARING so as to bring about change was the slogan of our Lisbon conference in 2002. 

     Sharing so as to restore hope could be the slogan of this Forum, focusing on - how can we and how must we effect the changes which are absolutely necessary ?

   BOOKING   is now open: keep free in your diaries the dates of:

      Wednesday       6th    afternoon     14:00  - 18:00  is reserved for study/visits of centres (cf. registration)

      Thursday           7th    morning        09:00   : opening the conference

      *  Friday                 8th    afternoon     14:00   : closing the conference


      Sign up to the conference; and send in your contributions. For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.  Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you all in Rome.

0vercome the poverty is not one charitable gesture, it is one act of justice , an act of protection of a fundamental human right , the right to dignity and a life decent . While poverty persists, there is no true freedom ."  (Nelson Mandela)

In some countries, there is not a famine of bread, people suffer instead of terrible loneliness, despair terrible, terrible hatred, because he feels unwanted, desperate and despairing ... He needs someone who understands and respects.  (MadreTeresadi Calcutta)


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