ATHENS   7-12  Mai 2018

ERASMUS +       ANNEX II - KA2     Ag. Nb.:  2016-1-PT01-KA202-022970


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Babel Day Centre

The Babel DC is a mental health unit which aims to serve the mental health needs of immigrants residing in Athens. The following


PRAKSIS (PROGRAMS OF DEVELOPMENT, SOCIAL SUPPORT AND MEDICAL COOPERATION) is an independent Non Governmental Organization whose main goal is the design, application and implementation of humanitarian programs and medical interventions.

The main goal is the elimination of social and economic exclusion of vulnerable social groups and the defense of their personal and social rights.

Our beneficiaries: Greek poor, homeless, uninsured, economic immigrants, asylum seekers/ refugees, unaccompanied minors, trafficking victims, sex workers, children begging in the streets, injection drug users, Roma, HIV seropositive people / PLWA, Hepatitis B and C patients, MSM (Men having Sex with Men), prisoners, people released from prisons, Greek families that face the repercussions of the financial crisis … any person that faces social or / and financial exclusion and is deprived of basic goods.

Street Paper “SHEDIA”

“Invisible Tours”. A social initiative through the backstreets of Athens by the Greek street paper “Shedia”

Invisible tours is a social project run by the Greek street paper “Shedia”. It is a social tours program based in the capital of Greece, Athens, in which homeless people become tour guides in a very different kind of a city walk. This is a tour that does not take people to the Acropolis and the archaeological treasures of the city but leads them through the backstreets of central Athens. As is the case with other social tours organized by street papers all over the world (Hamburg, Basel, London, Munich etc), the tour introduces visitors to many important social and solidarity institutions of the Greek capital (soup kitchens, day centers, drug rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters etc). The guides provide information on the types of services offered by each institution as well as how they themselves have experienced or are still experiencing homelessness.


 City of Athens Homeless Foundation 

The basic aim of the programmes planned and implemented by the City of Athens Homeless Foundation is to tackle problems faced by humans who, for whatever reason, are without shelter or whose home is unsafe and inadequate. It also seeks to develop mechanisms to prevent such phenomena and monitor cases of homeless individuals so as to ensure their eventual rehabilitation and social reintegration. In carrying out its mission, the Homeless Foundation works together with agencies which share the same goals.

Beyond the other services it offers, the Foundation collects and distributes food items, clothing, shoes etc to those who visit or are hosted at the shelter, as well as families and individuals located by its staff, other social services, parishes, volunteers and collaborating agencies.

The Foundation provides 1,200 meals to destitute and homeless Greeks and foreign nationals on a daily basis at the Foundation's Meal Provision Centre.

The Foundation operates two Hostels where it offers short-term accommodation (3-6 months) to 180 persons, while its Social Services section offers counselling and psychological support and social rehabilitation and reintegration to guests.



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