extreme poverty & mental health

 Extreme  poverty

  &  mental  health


                                                                    WHO wants to hear of the body  the silence and the cry


  2000 - Lisbon Strategy : “The number of people living below the poverty line and in social exclusion in the Union is unacceptable...  Steps must be taken to make a decisive impact on the eradication of poverty by 2010...”                        European Council  Lisbon March 2000


  2010 - Strategy 2020: ...is inspired by its founding principle of solidarity...,  promoting social inclusion, in particular through the reduction of poverty, by aiming to lift at least 20 million people out of the risk of poverty and exclusion.'  EU COUNCIL Brussels, 17/6/2011   


    2013 : EU habitant   504,5 millions of people

               o   120 ml     at risk of poverty or social exclusion

               o     50 ml     in households where no one have job

               o     40 ml       suffer from severe material deprivation

                       o       4 ml     at less are homeless     

When people has lost all,  it remains only to survive in the street        “....if they are citizens  !”
Homelessness is an affront to every value that we assign to the concept of citizenship.

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  The link between mental health/well-being and poverty has never been properly addressed in EU anti-poverty policies, and this issue becomes more important/urgent with the increasing numbers of homeless people with serious mental health problems living on the street without any appropriate support available to them.

  This event would aim at documenting this problem and looking at solutions to get (mental) health and poverty professionals/policy makers to cooperate more effectively – also at EU level


 Introduction & aims of event  :  Luigi Leonori   SMES-Europa 


   A.      Social vision: poverty and extreme poverty  
  Income inequalities, health and disability, emphasizing the social
by  Robert Anderson – Eurofound  IRL  


              A new deal to develop the social observatory 
Jean Pierre Bultez – EAPN FR

B.   Health vision :  Health  / mental health  

         Homeless and mental ill people : provide services,  focus on outreach
            interventions, cure & care,  prevention & sustainability support for a
            coherent social & health policy.  
 by Philip Timms – START UK


              A research in Brussels  about Homeless mentally ill people
   by  Françoise Weil –Hop. Brugmann BE                                                                       


C.    Migrants and dignified living & working conditions    

          Being vulnerable in Greece.      Nikos Gionakis – Babel  GR                       



Questions  & Debate

Because of the close interaction between  health & mental health problems   and   poverty & extreme poverty,  it is absolutely necessary -  to first -  underline causes and factors involved in deterioration of this chronic situation and - secondly -  to define  coherent strategies, promote  adequate projects and programme  sustainable plans that are complementary to the social  and  health perspectives.

 Which are the programs, projects and practical initiatives that aim to eliminate or at least to reduce the gap between the rights granted in international declarations (health – housing – labour) and the barriers preventing people in situation of great precariousness accessing these rights in practice.

 How to improve access to basic services especially in times of austerity and cuts ?  

 How promote and facilitate access of homeless to health/mental health services and of social & health service providers to homeless people when they are living on the streets ?

 Ensuring the rights of undocumented migrants: how their specific vulnerabilities & marginalisation impact on their mental health situation and their access to services ?