Project     ‘Dignity  and  Well-being’     phase 3

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SHELTER  Emergency  Services :  towards new perspectives





                            SMES-Europa  in the frame of Phase III of project "Dignity and Wellbeing" (2021-23), invites your Organisation to participate in this initiative: “SHELTER : Emergency Services - towards new perspectives" an urgent recall and opportunity for innovation of emergency services.

Emergency and Shelter two words that recall in particular this dramatic period conditioned by the Covid19 with his victims and the cold emergency that is repeated every year causing victims among the most vulnerable people, the homeless permanently living at the  streets .

The aim of the  project will be : after a study carried out in several European capitals on shelters in order to allow a more careful and thorough reading of the emergency services and the guests welcomed, but also to see the consistency with the principle of respect for the dignity and well-being of the person to propose new measures and select the most innovative practices among emergency services for the homeless.

Probably in your city, as in most European capitals, the ‘cold emergency plan’ is launched in November responding to the urgent needs of people rough sleeping. 

‘One shelter for all was frequently the past slogan, but today – due to  Covid 19 -  we  listen more and more the slogan  ‘stay at home’.  How to balance these slogans for people who are homeless?

While the Covid emergency was in a way unpredictable, the annual winter emergency (November -March), although predictable, gives rise to the same arrangements every year.

SMES-Europa would like to promote a reflective process on emergency services provided for the homeless, in a three year program:

  1. The characterization of shelters and emergency services regarding accessibility conditions, congruence between needs and services, quality and continuity of care (2021).

  2. The promotion of exchanges about efficient practices (2022)

  3. To propose an event at European Parliament and the XV EMS Conference in Rome (2023) bringing the results of the exchanges of experience - good practices and innovative and efficient proposals.

We really look forward to your participation, which will give continuity to project “Dignity and WellBeing” developed by SMES.

In attached file you  will find  a short  resume  of  the  project.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards


(1) Santé Mentale et Exclusion Sociale  -  Mental Health and Social Exclusion) is a non-profit International Association (aisbl) operates at the interface, intersection of mental health  and  social exclusion for improving mental, physical & social well-being, promoting human right & access to social and health services, to citizenship and participation, to inclusion and solidarity in European Countries for people living in extreme social and health poverty conditions.


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