It is very difficult

to invite  these 
people, living permanently
on the streets,
to participate in conferences

We proposed this alternative, although insufficient: allows us to bring their voice heard in our interventions in the street,  where
also their  abandoned body speaks to us of their suffering, of their total loss.
   Both the presentation of the profiles and the resulting of report, with this life album  have the only this purpose : enable us to listen more attentively to their voice.


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WHY some homeless people - with mental health problems - rough sleeping in permanent way or in emergency centres
 & squats - frequently - giving the impression to refuse any institutional offer of assistance & integration? 

(cf. protocol of profiles)



HOW  these services to person   TOGETHER contribute to promote  Dignity & Well-being ? 
Innovative projects - Difficulties - Proposed solutions - Priorities - Recommendations

  W H E R E  the real causes

of this

         schandal  ?   

W H Y ? 





Where are you ?

when I'm talking to you ?