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Social assistance & Emergency Services

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RIGA : 15-16-17-18 February



STATEMENT  :  Poverty, extreme poverty and social inequalities increasing more and more with all its load of individual misery and social exclusion that we all know both at local, regional, national and European level.

Precarious health, both physical and mental illnesses are the inevitable corollary that increasingly afflicts a whole part of the population who, despite being citizens, cannot take advantage of the same rights recognized to all the others.

WHY, in spite of the increase in the number and diversity of services offered, in spite of the professionalism and the important training of the operators, in spite of the increase in social and health budgets, especially in many metropolis, a certain number of homeless and mentally ill people - seem to refuse - preferring to stay on the street rather than accept the solution proposed by the services ?

EMERGENCY  SERVICES :  Are the interventions integrate social & health, coherent with real request of person in need, respectful of the dignity, accessible to marginalized and excluded people everywhere they are, congruent and sustainable?

Are sufficient and adequate services in emergency centers?

for Study Visits


    15 February  arrival

Ų  18:00 -19:00  

 Welcome and general info introducing agenda

Ų  20:00  



   16 February

Ų  09:00-09:30  

 Briefing  and  division into 3 groups (not more of 7 participants)

Ų  09:30-12,30  

 2 morning visits  (3 groups)


 Lunch break  avec  guest  and  sandwich

Ų  14:30-17:00 

 2  afternoon  visits    (3 groups)

Ų  17:30-18:30

 plenary meeting report about  focus  points  and  first  synthesis


    17 February

Ų  09:00-12:00  

From  Hotel   to  2  morning visits  (3 groups)


 Lunch break  avec  guest  and  sandwich

Ų  15:00-18:00

 Local Seminar with Eu Partners and Local Visited Associations and

 administrators for  focus  points underlining and  first  synthesis


    18  the  end

Ų  09:00-11:00

 Synthesis & proposals for next month webinar  (for who can participate)


============  TOT. STUDY VISITS ============

Twelve    study  visits    1st day  (4visits x 3 groups) +
 Six           study visits     2nd day (2 visits x 3 groups) 


v  10 partners * 2 participants = 20 => to be subdivided into small groups (seven x3)  for visits to local services / organisations (4*5 persons?)  

v  Outline of programme:

o   Day 1: arrival ( Wednesday afternoon ) + first session (at 6 o.k.   least 2hs) -  briefing                           (1st Hotel Nights) 

o   Day 2 - visits:  As  soon after breakfast 15 min  Briefing  -    Visits…  -    H. 18:00 synthesis                     (2nd Hotel Nights)

o   Day 3: morning visits  + synthesis (12:00-13-00)  -  in the  afternoon + open workshop                         (3rd Hotel Night)(with guests, local policy makers…, local speakers)                                                  

o   Day 4: departure :  conclusions, planning of follow-up webinar + final seminar                                     (free   from  12 :00)

Letter  to  Director  of  Association Organiser ,  thanking  and  inviting  to  participate 

smeseu@smes-europa.org    -   +32.02.5385887